げんたろう屋 野沢温泉 自家源泉の宿


welcome to Gentarouya

Natural hot spring enjoying the source

We want our guests to take their time relaxing in our natural hot springs at Nozawa Onsen so we stir the water with special purpose boards.
Stirring the water changes the quality of components, air and mineral deposits at the bottom of the tub allowing guests to enjoy the same hot spring quality as the source.

The hot water full of warmth of cypress

The aroma of white cedar combined with the hot spring effects provide healing for both your body and your mind. Enjoy the warm sensation of the white cedar and the gentle feel of the water in a Japanese style atmosphere with gorgeous lighting on the veranda.

Compact stone water bath

Enjoy the ultimate bath with floating mineral deposits which provide proof of the high quality of the hot spring.

Alkali sulfur hot spring

Effective against chronic gout, chronic dermatitis, liver disease, ulcers,
burns, fissures, beriberi, indigestion, dizziness and constipation along with being effective during recovery periods after severe illnesses.

*The hot springs are natural hot springs so they may not become clouded depending on the season or day.
*The hot spring source temperature drops in winter so the water is heated.

Symbolic Yuzu Ootoyu of NozawaonsenThe beautiful architecture located in the center of the hot spring district displays the essence of the Edo Period today.

Mini Onsen Square YurariEnjoy a relaxing foot bath to relieve the fatigue after your walk with a view of the Nozawa Hot Spring Town.

Making hot spring eggsEnjoy the taste of soft boiled hot spring eggs you make yourself.

Room introduction

Enjoy a beautiful spring sunset that brings back memories of the good old days or a mystical winter wonderland covered in snow. Set aside your everyday worries and enjoy a relaxing experience.We offer rooms from 1 person to groups to meet all of your needs.

Japanese style room 10tatami

Japanese style room 8tatami+2rooms

Japanese style room 6tatami

Japanese style room 4.5tatami

【Room equipment】
Air conditioner, TV, cable TV, phone,Internet connection

Towels, toothbrush sets, yukata robe(not available during ski season)

Large Hall (dinner and breakfast)

Enjoy dinner and breakfast here.

Rest Space

Take a break on a tatami mat after fully enjoying the hot springs.





Savory egg custard

Simmered tofu

Nazawa pickled pickles

Miso soup of natural mushrooms

Hot spring egg


Most rest houses in Nozawa are self-service. However, piping hot dishes are brought straight to your table at Gentaroya. Enjoy some great tasting food after a long day on the slopes.

*Prior reservations available. Contact TEL:0269-85-2256.


Our heavy volume Pork Cutlet & Curry and Katsudon Pork Cutlet Donburi Rice Bowl are popular with everyone! We also recommend ramen with rice cake to warm your body up!


Cutlet & Curry

Mochi misoramen


We offer a full line-up of drinks and desserts. Our specialties include our Hot Wine, Grape Float and Cake Combo Meal!

Hot wine

Grape float

cake set

Reservations and inquiries

We accept reservations by telephone and FAX.Please call or send a fax to the following number.

tel:0269-85-2256 fax:0269-85-3955


Basic information

Trade Name Gentaroya

Nozawa Onsenmura, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Pref 389-2502

Phone / Fax Main building TEL:0269-85-2256 / FAX:0269-85-3955
Check-in / Check-out From 15:00 / By 10:00
Parking Parking lot available
(Approx. 40 parking spaces including neighboring parking lot)

Courtesy bus

We offer pick-up and drop-off services (Two hours or less one way. Not available in winter). We offer original tours as well.